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External Data Competition

Use open innovation to find new ways to valorize your data, find the right profile for your team, or position your brand in the data market by promoting a data competition (or a datathon, as we like to call it) open to the public.

Internal Data Competition

Improve collaboration and innovation within your data teams. A private data competition is perfect to foster creativity and productivity and discover hidden skills in each team member.


Drive fast ideation, solve challenges, and redefine possibilities through dynamic hackathons. A hackathon aims to find new solutions to problems in a fun environment, resulting in different prototypes for your challenges. They can be internal or external.

Workshops & Training

Empower your workforce with tailored learning experiences in data, machine learning, and data team leadership. We can organize training on topics ranging from data literacy to more advanced topics such as deep learning. Elevate skills, boost efficiency, and stay ahead in your industry.

Community Development

Cultivate a supportive brand ecosystem. We can help you build or grow an internal or external community to share knowledge and create connections, positioning your organization as a key and team player in the tech world.

Networking Events

Unlock networking opportunities at our organized events. Connect with a diverse array of technological individuals, professionals, and organizations. Whether it's a matchmaking or recruitment event, we offer a large offering on dynamics for a successful networking event.

Data Innovation

Unleash the true potential of your data by implementing creative and innovative approaches and identifying the right data to gather for fostering informed decision-making. Enhance your data strategy, promoting a culture of innovation and efficiency within your organization.

Other Projects

Are you looking for something a bit different that involves the data ecosystem? Awesome! We love creating projects from scratch and can't wait to hear about your needs and goals. Let's get in touch!

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